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How to clean your garage door

How to clean your garage door

Cleaning your garage door is essential to protect your investment and help it look better for longer. In general, you should wash your garage door at least in the spring and fall. However, if you live in a coastal climate or another area with high moisture, you may want to clean at least four times a year. High humidity and salt air, especially, can damage your garage door.


While it can seem tempting, never power-wash your garage door. There is a lot of force in a powerwasher, which can be enough to cause damage. For homeowners, it’s best to stick with a handwashing system to protect your garage door.

  • Gather your supplies: You will need a ladder, mild dishwashing soap, a bucket, and plenty of soft clothes. When choosing a soap, look for a mild product and be sure to mix it with enough water. About two gallons of water to one cup of soap is usually ideal, though you should consult your garage door manual to ensure the products won’t harm the finish of your garage door.
  • Brush and pre-rinse the door: Start by using a cloth to brush off cobwebs and any obvious dirt from the garage door. Then, wet the door with a gentle stream from a garden hose or bucket of clean water.
  • Apply soap and scrub lightly: Dip a cloth into your soap and water mixture and, starting at the top of your garage door, scrub downward. Use added pressure on any stains that you see.
  • Rinse and dry: Once you’re done scrubbing, wash off the soap mixture with fresh water, then let it dry for at least 2 hours.
  • Wax: Many individuals don’t realize they can wax a garage door. In fact, if you have a steel door, you need to wax it when your garage door has dried fully after washing. you will want to consult the garage door manual to see if specific products are recommended to your specific garage door.
  • Clean and lubricate weatherstripping: Don’t overlook the weatherstripping and trim. Taking care of these features helps them last longer and makes your garage door look its best shape!
  • Clean the interior of your garage door: While the inside of your garage door is exposed to fewer elements, it can still get dirty. Use the same process to clean this area.
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