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Signs Its Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Signs Its Time to Replace Your Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most important pieces of equipment in our homes. When in great condition, the door enhances a property’s security, functionality and curb appeal. While garage doors are built for durability, they don’t last forever. Like any other piece of equipment in your home, your garage door wears down over time and will need a replacement at one point.


Since the replacement is inevitable, you want to be ready to avoid ugly surprises and know the telltale signs your garage door needs a replacement. Read on to discover four warning signs that you need to switch out your old garage door for a new one.

Strange Noises

While a garage door produces sounds during normal operation, there could be an issue if you notice unusual or loud noises. You may hear squeaking, rattling,, popping, grinding, screeching, or groaning sounds. These noises may result from worn-out rollers, broken or lose hinges, broken springs, loose cables, or dirty tracks.

In some cases, the strange noises could result from issues solvable through repair or component replacement. However, a garage door replacement may be unavoidable if the noises are coupled with other issues, such as old age or visible damage. So if you’ve noticed unusual sounds from your garage door, contact an expert who will inspect your door and offer his professional advice.

Difficulty Opening or Closing

Difficulties in operation could result from dirty rollers or tracks, broken springs, and the opener not working. And since one of the major functions of a garage door is to ensure security and protection in your household, an improperly-working garage door can be a safety hazard.

While a tune-up might help to restore your garage door to a perfect condition, sometimes the only solution could be a replacement. If it’s hard for you to open or close your garage door or its falls off its track, the only solution might be a replacement.

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